Complex and changing tax laws, policies and jurisdiction are major challenges for entrepreneurs. As an interdisciplinary consulting firm, we consolidate tax, legal and business expertise.

This is reflected in our comprehensive range of services:

Tax Advice

  • Client-oriented advice in all tax matters
  • Communication with the (financial) authorities
  • Preparation of all applications (tax number, VAT number, EORI, authorized exporter, company number, etc.)
  • Advice regarding the optimal tax organization and tax planning
  • Providing general and up-to-date information on tax law
  • Advice regarding the choice and change of legal form
  • Tax-optimized design of corporate transactions
  • Support in external tax audits (income tax, value added tax, payroll tax and social security law)
  • Tax calculations, e.g.  for tax provisions, reduction of advance payments etc.
  • Determination of deferred taxes

Legal advice

  • Judicial and extrajudicial legal advice
  • Tax Law
  • Immigration (especially work visa)
  • General Civil Law
  • Labour Law
  • Tenancy Law

Business consulting (in cooperation)

  • Execution of examination according to § 16 MaBV
  • Accounting-related business consulting
  • Business planning and business valuations
  • Accompaniment of company purchases and sales
  • Advice on corporate restructuring and restructuring measures
  • Advice on insolvency
  • Business planning, budgeting

financial statements

  • Annual financial statements including the e-balance sheet
  • Profit Determinations (EÜR)
  • Comprehensive, detailed explanatory report
  • Electronic announcement or deposit in the Federal Gazette
  • Opening balance sheets, interim balances, final balances, supplementary and special balances
  • Liquidation opening and closing balance
  • Processing with checklists for quality assurance


tax return

  • Preparation of tax returns for limited and unlimited taxpayers
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of tax returns for private persons and entrepreneurs (freelancers, partnerships and corporations), including tax balance sheets and e-balances
  • Registration of capital gains taxes
  • Examination of the tax assessment
  • Implementation of an appeal procedure
  • Support in tax audits


Financial Accounting

  • Creation and transmission of preliminary VAT return
  • Review, allocation to an account and electronic accounting of documents/voucher/invoices etc.
  • Creation of standard evaluations and individual evaluations
  • Keep record of open items lists
  • Fixed assets accounting
  • Procedures for refund of foreign VAT to EU VAT payers
  • Recapitulative statement
  • Support for VAT special audits
  • Archiving and backup of data according to official principles
  • Support in accounting matters



  • Preparation oft he payroll accounting
  • Online connection to social insurance agency and tax office
  • Support in wage tax audits and social security audits
  • Registrations and cancellations at the health insurance
  • Calculation of remunerations for vacation, public holidays and medical condition
  • Clarification of tax and social security issues
  • Examination of travel expenses, determination of taxable and social insurance contributions
  • Application for operating numbers


Foundation Consulting

  • Step by step into self-employment (business idea, choice of legal form, communication with the respective authorities, etc.)
  • Professional business plan
  • Development of a first financial plan
  • Advice on start-up subsidies
  • Support with financing issues and meetings with the bank
  • Advice on social security issues


Inheritance Counseling

  • Preparation of testaments, inheritance contracts and gift contracts
  • Advice in the context of the anticipated succession
  • Tax optimization of corporate and asset succession
  • Preparation of inheritance tax and gift tax returns
  • Extrajudical and judicial advice on inheritance disputes
  • Preparation of marriage contracts